Hello. Welcome to Genshingo.

We are so glad you’re here! We’re dedicated to giving you the best Genshingo products, which are inspired by some of your favourite games, with a focus on clothing, figures, avatars, plush toys, accessories, home décor, and cosplays. We, in conjunction with a lot of factory designers, make varieties of aesthetical products similar to the in-game items of many exciting games, to create more fun and real experience for the fans of the games.

Founded in 2021, the Genshingo store has come a long way from its beginnings. After the team's discovery that many great games in the world can positively drive our society and bring more creativity and happiness, the Genshingo store's mission has tilted towards helping game fans around the world get as much joy as they get from playing games by creating real-life products similar to the ones in their favourite games.

For game lovers that want to have a real feel of some of their favourite in-game items, we have got something great for you.

Let’s go!