Spiral Abyss Guide: Floor 1 & 2

spiral abyss guide

Genshin Impact is one of the best Open-World Action RPGs out there. While it starts pretty smoothly and straightforwardly, there are a few aspects that can confuse new players as they progress through the game. One of them is the almighty Spiral Abyss, a challenge every player must overcome to some degree to ensure smooth sailing. So let’s go over what you need to know!

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Introduction to the Spiral Abyss 

The Spiral Abyss is essentially a very special type of Domain that players can unlock at Adventure Rank 20. It can be found on the small mysterious island named “Musk Reef”. This challenging Dungeon can be split into two main parts: 

  1. The Abyss Corridor - Includes Floors 1 to 8
  2. The Abyssal Moon Spire - Includes Floors 9 to 12 

While the Corridor's bountiful rewards can only be obtained once, their completion is essential to unlocking all floors of the Spire. It goes without saying that each Floor is tougher than the previous, but this is one stairway you need to climb in order to procure those precious genshin primogems.

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As for the Spire, its rewards reset on the 1st and 16th days of each month (real-world time) during the Moment of Syzygy. This means you can reap its rich rewards twice each month, but be prepared for some tough battles! The first half is termed the Waxing Phase while the latter half is the Waning Phase.

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Additionally, your current progress in the Spiral Abyss is displayed next to their resin count in the Map view. Remember to check it every once in a while to avoid missing the Rewards!

How to Find and Unlock the Spiral Abyss 

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You may have already noticed that the Spiral Abyss is located far out in the Ocean, to the East of Mondstadt. Don’t worry though, the Devs have included a neat little gimmick for us to reach it without too much hassle. 

First things first, you need to reach Adventure Rank 20. 
Now make a beeline for the location named “Cape Oath” on the map, which you should be able to find at the bottom right area of the map in the early stages. You can easily get here by teleporting to Eagle's Gate and running East.

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    Here, you may notice a massive, ominously-purple wormhole high up in the air here, alongside three Seelie Statues on the ground directly below it. 
    Defeat all the Electro Slimes that spawn next to the Electro Crystals located near the Seelie Statues. With them out of the way, you can easily guide the Seelies in their Statues.

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      Now you need to locate the three Seelies and follow them. Seelies are the turquoise-colored ethereal beings floating around Teyvat. You need these three to activate the wind current that’ll take you high up.
        • Seelie No.1 - Found floating lazily on a nearby cliff
        • Seelie No.2 - Found chilling underneath a tree
        • Seelie No.3 - Found near the very edge of Cape Oath

        If you're having any trouble finding them, just use your Elemental Vision and look around. They vividly light up. 

        You will notice the massive upward Wind Current that appears there. Open your Wind Glider and let the Wind hoist you towards the Portal. Upon touching it, you will momentarily arrive on Musk Reef.

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          Here you will see the huge Domain Entrance to the Spiral Abyss. Upon your first entry, the Red glow enveloping it will turn Blue, activating it as a Teleport point.

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            Guide for the First and Second Floors

            Spiral Abyss Floor 1

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            The Leyline Disorder here is simple: Pyro Damage dealt by all Party Members is increased by 75%. Additionally, Overloaded Damage is increased by +200%. 
            Just to be on the safe side, make sure you’re above Level 25 before going in 9 stars. You just need one strong team composed of four characters for this floor. 
            It is recommended that you take 1 Main DPS, 1 Sub-DPS, and 2 Supports. 
            The F2P lineup is Amber, Xiangling, Anemo Traveller, and Barbara.
            Owing to the Buff, the key is to use Pyro characters. So try to take 2 Pyro units with you!
            Overload is the Reaction caused by the interaction of Pyro and Electro, but you need not bring any Electro Characters because most of the enemies are Electro themselves.

              Spiral Abyss Floor 2

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              The Leyline Disorder is as follows: Cryo Damage dealt by all Party Members is increased by 75% and the duration of the Frozen status effect is greatly increased.
              Now you should be above 40 to be on the safe side. Similar to before, 1 Main DPS, 1 Sub-DPS, and 2 Supports are recommended. 
              The F2P lineup is Kaeya, Anemo Traveller, Lisa, and Barbara. 
              The key to breezing this Floor is Freezing enemies. Many of your foes are of the Hydro element, so hit them with Cryo to Freeze them as much as possible.

                These are the Basics of the Genshin Spiral Abyss that you will need to know. Remember that all Spiral Abyss Challenges are raced against the clock, so you need to bring down your enemies as fast as possible. For this purpose, the Traveller’s starting Element of Anemo is ideal, as it excels in Crowd Control and facilitating the powerful Swirl Reaction.

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                Inferior life forms of low intelligence made from concentrated elements, ignoring them for too long can become a more problematic issue. They join with the hilichurls in battle and are enemies everywhere.

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                It is said that genshin slimes can taste very unique when made into apple pies, matcha rolls, and puddings. You must try it once!

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