Spiral Abyss Guide:Tips & Tricks


Have you already come a fair way in your Genshin Impact journey? Ready to battle the so-called end-game content? Well, besting the Spiral Abyss is probably the toughest thing to do in this single-player RPG. But before you do, there are elephants in the room to be addressed, so let’s hop right to it!

Access Restrictions

The ultimate domain has very strict rules which you must abide by. Amidst the abysmal chaos, you can only rely on their characters themselves and anything that comes attached to them. Your restrictions are as follows;

If you are below Adventure Rank 20, don’t even think about the Spiral Abyss. The game itself will deny you entry because you’re still too greenhorn for this. 

You are on your own. The Spiral Abyss is a single-player experience and absolutely will not allow you to Co-Op it. Even if you try to initiate the challenge during a multiplayer session, you'll enter alone. What’s more, your teammate will be free to wreak havoc in your world, so beware! 


One of the worst aspects of the Spiral Abyss is the inability to use any items or food. Your trusty backpack nor its gadgets cannot help you here. Don’t think they forgot about Genshin NRE either, because it will not work here. 


At the start of each floor, you get to select your team(s). These characters and their team compositions cannot be changed until you complete the floor. So make sure you take whoever you need.

We are in the habit of swapping out artifacts and weapons whenever, but you cannot do that here. Got only one Sacrificial Sword? Too bad, the Abyss won’t let you swap gear.

You cannot build your characters once inside. This includes increasing levels and ascension. Kindly do all that before you enter, the scenery at Musk Reef is quite nice. 

In order to enter the next floor, you need to complete the pre-stated objectives of the current floor to collect Abyssal Stars. A minimum of 6 Abyssal Stars are needed to proceed. The more stars you get, the higher the rewards. So check the objectives in advance and change your team to accommodate them. 

Once you triumph over the first 8 floors, you'll unlock the second half which is the "Abyssal Moon Spire". This section requires two decked-out teams. The format & rewards of the spire reset twice every month, so you can continuously challenge it!


Last but not least, time is your biggest enemy. From start to finish, you’ll be racing against the clock to finish your objectives on time to earn stars. So check the opponents on each floor and formulate the best teams to beat them. 

Benedictions Can Change Everything


You may notice three rectangles that have various effects on them as you enter a floor. These are special nerfs or buffs called Benedictions which occur exclusively in the Spiral Abyss. They are here to grant you special bonuses or penalties that will be in effect for the entire floor or chamber. You get to choose your Benediction of the abyss when starting, so select something that will benefit your team the most. For example, if you have characters that scale with HP, an HP-buffing Benediction would be a godsend. In addition, there is a special blessing of the Abyssal Moon that changes twice a month. There are three types:

Effective this floor - Takes effect for the entire floor

Effective this chamber - Takes effect for a single chamber

Effective instantly- Takes effect immediately

Quick pointers: 

"Effective This Floor" Benedictions are better than the others, as it gives you benefits for a longer duration.


Avoid selecting any healing Benedictions. While your awesome in-game cooking skills won’t help you here, you can still use genshin healer characters with abilities to restore your team’s HP. The healing doesn’t have to be huge, but just enough to keep enough characters alive to achieve the objectives in time. So bring at least one healer (time to take Genshin Barbara out of the closet).

Focus on procuring powerful offensive or defensive Benedictions, because these will help you clear the content faster.

Ley Line Disorders


Another little gimmick that you can use to your advantage is an in-game phenomenon known as Ley Line Disorders. These exist on each floor, bestowing upon you bonuses or penalties upon your characters or enemies that meet the elemental criteria. So read up on ley line genshin in advance and plan ahead to bring the characters who can abuse it the most or avoid the elemental penalties. 

Let's say you have a decked-out Hu Tao genshin and you need to cause as much Overload as possible but don’t have any properly built Eletros. You can simply bring your level 20 Fischl solely for the reaction; use her E to summon Oz and switch up to Tao. Bam! Continuous Overload! 

Know Your Limits

Sometimes the most OP ultimate in your arsenal doesn’t crit and you end up losing a lot of damage. At times like this, just quit and restart the floor. 


Maybe you’re losing consecutively or your party isn't optimized for a particular floor. In that case, just save your time and restart the floor or return to fight another day. Effectively use the time to strengthen your roster and come back stronger to wipe the floor with them!

Claim Your Rewards


When you breeze through the Spiral Abyss, you might forget to claim your unlocked rewards. These goodies aren’t sent to your backpack directly, requiring you to collect them from the Abyss Corridor menu. You can claim the rewards for the first 8 floors anytime, but the Abyssal Moon Spire rewards reset. Be sure to claim those before the onset of the next cycle! 

Domain Reliquary


Among the top-tier rewards from the Abyss Corridor include the domain reliquary. These are treasure chests that will drop a random Artifact of a guaranteed rarity (1-5 Stars) from a group of predefined Artifact sets. Who knows, your next God-Roll might just be here!

Overall Tips And Tricks

Use Shields


There is no shame in using shields, at all. So try to have one or two solid shielders when challenging the Spiral Abyss. This will drastically reduce your healing requirements and increase your DPS character’s uptime. If you match the elemental shield to the enemy's elemental type, they absorb 250% of elemental attack damage! So start building your Xinyan, Layla, Thoma, Diona, and Noelle if you don’t have Zhongli!

Know Your Enemies in Advance


Before entering any floor, you can check which enemies you’ll be facing there. Consider this when building the best teams for each situation. You can even do a trial run to see where and when each of them will spawn, as well as decide on priority enemy units. For example, kill any and all enemy healers first to save yourself a lot of trouble!

Combat Enemy Shields

You’re not the only one with shields, some annoying mobs have them too. When you know which enemies you’ll be facing, it's easier to take characters with the elements best suited to destroying them.

Crowd Control is Key


More often than not, many small enemies will spawn in different corners of the Arena and will not budge. Don’t let those annoying ranged foes disrupt your every move. Bring in your grouping unit to gather them all into one place to deliver the finishing blow. Characters like Venti are extremely good at this, capable of catching everyone in an insanely large radius. If you don’t have him, start building Sucrose, Kazuha, Mona, Zhongli, or Faruzan. 

Elemental Reactions 

You might be able to ignore reactions in the overworld, but that won’t fly here. The player needs a decent understanding of the elemental reaction system and chain the right reactions for the best results. 

Character Building

For the latter half of Abyss, you will need all the characters in the teams you’re using to be at level 80 or higher. They all unlock their final passive talent at phase 4 (level 70) and these are very important. Typically, DPS units ought to be leveled all the way up to level 90, which supports can be left at level 80 (with or without the final ascension). On the other hand, you need to level up their weapons, artifacts, and talents as necessary. Remember not to waste crowns on skills that aren’t invaluable. 

Elemental Resonance


These are effects that correspond to the elemental types of characters in your party. While certain combinations are necessary, the whole party will receive the respective bonus. These bonuses stack and even stay in effect when one character of the combination is incapacitated. These are godly in the Abyss, so make use of them!

The Abyss is tough, but you and your characters are tougher. So don’t let a few setbacks stop you from claiming those juicy rewards and self-satisfaction.


Also, did you know? After comparing the most popular choices in multiple versions, the one that topped the list with the highest pick rate was surprisingly Dendro Archon Nahida. Since its addition, it is widely considered to be the best Dendro character in the game and a must-have character for team combos of this element. Nahida's elemental bursts provide different types of gains depending on the element with which it interacts.

“My name's Nahida. I might look like a child, but don't be fooled: I understand this world much better than any grown-up”.


In the epilogue of the main event in 3.2 genshin, the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata reveals to the traveler its relationship with Nahida - the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, realizing that he cannot save himself after being contaminated, chooses to break off the purest branch of Irminsul as an avatar, and this is where Little Lucky-Grass Monarch comes from. A cute and powerful existence.


According to the plot, each Slime seems to be revealing some of the characteristics of the seven gods, for example, the God of Liberty, the God of Contracts, the God of Thunder and Eternity, the plot settings and skills of these three gods are all reflected in the slimes with corresponding attributes. Dendro Slime will be attacked by itself and will be divided into small Slime, which is also the relationship between the king of the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata and the Little Lucky-Grass Monarch.

Rumor has it that Nahida Genshin may appear in version 3.6. So you can wait for her.


Since the end of 2022, the Nahida figure has also been available for pre-order, and now it will be available in a hot sale.