Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure: A Must-Have Collectible for Fans

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The world of Genshin Impact is a captivating realm where players embark on an epic adventure. Among the numerous characters that have stolen the hearts of fans, Wanderer, also known as Scaramouche, stands tall as a 5-star playable character wielding the power of Anemo and a catalyst.

To celebrate the fandom's passion for this beloved character, GenshinGo is releasing the Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure. In this blog post, we will explore the details of this exquisite collectible, its availability, and why it's a must-have for Genshin Impact fans.


The Legend of the Wanderer Genshin(Scaramouche)


Before we delve into the intricacies of the Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure, let's take a moment to appreciate the enigmatic character of Wanderer. Genshin Wanderer, with his charismatic personality and mastery over Anemo, has become a fan favorite in the game. His mysterious aura, combined with his dashing appearance, has earned him a special place in the hearts of Genshin Impact players. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the world of Teyvat, Scaramouche's charm is undeniable.

From Ashes Reborn - Wanderer's Rerun Banner




As the game continues to evolve, miHoYo frequently treats its dedicated player base to exciting updates and new content. Among these updates is the much-awaited "From Ashes Reborn" event, featuring Wanderer's rerun banner in Genshin Impact 3.8. During the thrilling 3.8 Livestream, miHoYo announced the launch of Wanderer's Rerun Banner, scheduled to commence on July 25, 2023, and conclude on August 15, 2023. This event has sparked a wave of excitement and anticipation within the Genshin Impact community, as players prepare to embark on a renewed adventure with the enigmatic Scaramouche.

Introducing the Wanderer Genshin Figure


The Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure is a breathtaking tribute to the iconic character, meticulously crafted to capture every detail of Wanderer (Scaramouche). Standing tall at 20cm, this 1/8 scale static figure brings the essence of the character to life, making it a prized possession for any Genshin Impact enthusiast.


The Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure brilliantly showcases Scaramouche's formidable combat prowess, as he wields his catalyst with grace and precision. His captivating pose exudes a sense of motion as if he's ready to unleash a powerful Anemo attack upon his foes. The craftsmanship extends to every aspect of the figure, from his meticulously designed outfit to the intricate details of his catalyst, ensuring that it perfectly mirrors his in-game appearance.


The Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure is expertly crafted using high-quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material. PVC is well-known in the figure industry for its durability, ease of molding, and ability to retain intricate details. This ensures that the Wanderer Figure remains resilient and retains its original charm for years to come, adding value to your collection.

As you gaze upon the Wanderer Figure, memories of soaring through the skies on the back of a glider, unraveling the secrets of forgotten temples, and battling formidable foes alongside friends come rushing back. This figure transcends its physical form, evoking emotions and transporting you back to the fantastical world of Teyvat.

Pre-Orders and Availability

The excitement doesn't stop there; pre-orders for the Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure have already begun. Fans and collectors are encouraged to secure their order as early as possible to ensure they don't miss out on this exquisite piece of art.

While the pre-orders are already open, the actual availability of the Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure is expected to begin in early September. The production process of crafting these finely detailed figures is a meticulous one, ensuring that every tiny aspect is perfected. Rest assured, the wait will be worthwhile, and you'll soon be able to bask in the marvel of Wanderer's brilliance displayed on your shelf.

A Treasure for Genshin Impact Fans

The Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure is more than just a static representation of a beloved character. It is a testament to the captivating storytelling and enchanting world-building that Genshin Impact has become renowned for. As players journey through the mystical world of Teyvat, their bond with the characters deepens, making this figure an emotional keepsake for fans of the game.


Collecting memorabilia from favorite games is a time-honored tradition among gaming communities. The Wanderer Figure serves as a tangible symbol of one's passion for Genshin Impact, adding a touch of magic to any collection or display.


The Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure is not just an ordinary collectible; it represents the culmination of art, passion, and the enthralling world of Teyvat. As Wanderer's rerun banner beckons, fans have an unparalleled opportunity to dive into his story once more.

As the "From Ashes Reborn" event beckons players to embark on a renewed adventure, the Genshin Impact Wanderer Figure serves as a tangible reminder of the profound connections forged within this mesmerizing world of magic and wonder. So, seize the opportunity to pre-order this stunning collectible and immerse yourself in the magic of Genshin Impact once more.

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