Genshin Impact Ganyu Figures: A New Generation Figures



The sleeves sway in the wind, her hair touches her brow, and this girl with eyes like ice crystals holds the sacred pearl in her hand. "Drink only spring water, eat only whole grains". This is the principle of this graceful and gentle girl, and her name is "Ganyu".


Ganyu is a playable damage-dealing frozen archer in Genshin Impact, one of the most popular games on the market. As a 5-star Banner character, Ganyu is incredibly rare, however, for those lucky enough to acquire it, it should be a welcome addition.


Ganyu is a blue-haired, white-skinned, androgynous character with small red unicorn horns and a gold cowbell necklace. The hair is tied in a ponytail at the back of the head and falls naturally. She wears a white short-sleeved cheongsam with gold trim on the front, a purple and white bodice on the lower body, tuxedo-like ends at the ends, long black gloves with gold trim on both hands, and blue gradient at the wrist opened out, each arm has white sleeves with double cuffs and gradient blue inner layer at the end, flared out at elbow level, and eyes fixed on the Chinese knot at the waist.


This figure of Ganyu comes from GENSHINGO, a figure dealer in China. It is now cooperating with some manufacturers of game extensions and developers to provide some merch based on Genshin Impact, such as plush dolls and figures.


We are hesitant to work with unfamiliar manufacturers as build quality can vary widely from company to company, so we choose to work with those who offer impeccable build quality and who can provide Good design ideas.


The character Ganyu first appeared in the Liyue part of the Genshin Impact mainline and has close ties with several major factions in the game. As the messenger of Liyue Qixing, she faithfully followed Earth Consul Rex Lapis, and is a very competent secretary.


The main highlight of this character is not the character, but its bow and arrow. As an archer, Ganyu has excellent precision shooting ability. After years of honing, she is not only good at wearing bows but also good at forging, and her archery skills have reached the pinnacle of perfection.


Her best bet for a bow is the Amos Bow, a hard-to-come 5-star bow that delivers incredible damage between her unique AoE Charged Shot and her wide-area Elemental Burst while always being able to keep herself out of harm's way.


The body of this action figure is made of high-quality materials that outlast most other products available today. The figure is paired with a simple and smooth PVC base to recreate the game scene's visual appeal, and the attention to detail in this image is extremely high. Although the simple outer box of this figure is nothing special, the inside is suitable packaging, especially the main parts of the figure are fixed, so that these parts are less likely to be damaged during the transfer process.


Ganyu is a very powerful DPS character who is able to quickly clear the battlefield with her very powerful AoE Charged Shot, bypassing typical bow user weaknesses and her massive Domain Elemental burst that can further boost her own and her allies' damage.


She's also flexible, as she can adjust her playstyle to emphasize the direction you want to take her. All options are on the table when controlling this elegant semi-luminous beast. Genshin Impact's series of figures exploded in overseas sales! It has been purchased by many people all over the world. This figure is about 28cm tall and is a 1/7 model, so it's bigger than the real thing. Are you excited about this? what are you waiting for?


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