Genshin Impact Metal Card Collection 2 Are Here



Want to test your luck this year? Now, there is an opportunity!

In August, Bandai launched the Genshin Impact second series of wafer collectible cards, which are now available in Japan, and we managed to source some Genshin wafer cards to try our luck in real life. We've already experienced the joy of dismantling a blind box, so do you want to experience it too?


Genshin Impact Trading Cards Series 2

Your favorite hot Genshin Impact characters have been turned into collectible metal cards! This is the second series of the "Genshin Impact Metal Card Series". This series includes more new characters. These beautifully illustrated genshin trading cards can be used to show off your love for some of Genshin Impact's most unique characters, such as Kazuha, Raiden shogun, Yae Miko, and more. In addition, in the leisure time, you can also meet three or two friends to play card games to dissipate the tiredness of work.





Format of Genshin Impact Trading Cards

This is a brand new set of collectible cards that records many of the characters of "Tatsuma". There are 30 different cards in total, 18 of which feature the character's initial art, and 12 are official art depicting the Genshin Impact update. For example, one of the metal cards shows the art used to promote version 1.1. In terms of roles, it includes the new cast after Hu Tao, including the recent Yoimiya, Eula and Yanfei.



The Unique Points of Genshin Impact Trading Cards

A box of Genshin Impact Trading Cards has 20 bags, and a bag contains 2 cards. The surface of each card has a metallic sheen, which makes it look very textured and easier to collect. If you accidentally let it get wet, don't worry, wipe it gently with a dry tissue, it will be intact. The back of the cards will look unique because these were released for the Japanese market, so the names on the cards are based on their Japanese names.


Genshin impact metal cards packs are sealed and shipped randomly, similar to a mystery box, and because of this, there's no guarantee you'll get the collectible card you want, and a box doesn't necessarily open out all Genshin Impact characters, and it contains duplicate cards. If you want to collect all the cards, then you may need to have a lot of cards, and if you are lucky enough, it is not impossible to collect them in one or two boxes. It's time to test your luck!


Store Information

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