Should You Pull For Hu Tao?


The "Moment of Bloom" is running, and the flag of the Genshin Impact, Hu Tao, is being replayed.

Are you debating whether it's worth pulling the flag for Hu Tao Genshin? Why don't you look down and decide?

All characters in Geneshin Impact have their own unique strengths and positions that suit them. As for Hu Tao, she is a very powerful DPS who can deal top-notch single damage. As a five-star Flamer long-handled weapon user, she may not be very friendly to novices. She can convert a portion of her life into an attack boost, and if players do not find the balance of taking damage and are good at dodging enemy attacks, they will send Hu Tao to her death sooner rather than later.

Hu Tao needs more field time and needs other characters to assist. Therefore, it is extremely important to have the right group.



It is important to note that the choice of weapon plays a pivotal role in the performance of a character in Genshin Impact. Choosing the right weapon for your play style and team composition can greatly improve the overall performance of your character. An excellent five-star long-handled weapon like the Homer Staff is the best weapon for Hu Tao. If you don't have one, don't worry, Dragon's Bane is a great choice for evaporating combinations.


The artifacts a character wears can greatly affect their performance. The best artifact for Hu Tao needs to be chosen based on the scenario being tackled. A popular choice is the "Crimson Witch of Flames" set, which not only increases her attack power but also enhances her elemental skills and explosive power. This set can also be combined with the "Bloodstained Chivalry" set to further enhance her power. This set can also be combined with the "Bloodstained Chivalry" set to enhance her power. Another option is the Bloodstained Chivalry set, which boosts Hu Tao's attack power and provides a bonus to her life conversion when she uses her elemental skills, making her even more deadly in combat.

The cost of acquiring these sets is high and requires time and investment to get fully upgraded. It is necessary, then, to try out different artifact combinations to determine the most appropriate team composition and play style.

Teaming up


Hu Tao returns for the third time in the game, accompanied by Yelan. Needless to say, players will need to build a more perfect team for her. Of course, some popular team combinations have proven to be very effective for many players. Genshin’s best Hu Tao team needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

Pyro + Cryo

Pairing Hu Tao with a cryo character is one of the most popular combinations. By choosing an off-field cryo unit like Layla, players can take advantage of the powerful elemental reactions between the two elements for powerful burst damage and crowd control. Rosaria genshin increases damage output through her elemental abilities, and Xingqiu's passive healing skills will be used here in just the right way.

Pyro + Hydro

Hu Tao's most reliable teammate is of course none other than Xingqiu genshin. She has an off-field hydro application rate that is arguably unmatched and can contribute a lot of damage. Genshin Yelan is also an excellent hydro unit, on par with Xingqiu. She can use the hydro element to deliver powerful attacks to enemies. Of special note is that Yelan is also highly used in the Spiral Abyss. It is extremely valuable to many players and should be prioritized.

Support + Burst

Players can pair Hu Tao with a supporting character who can provide protection and healing to allow her to reach her maximum potential. Support roles keep the team alive.

Physical Damage + Burst

Hu Tao is paired with a character that can deal physical damage, allowing players to get some sustained damage. Genshin Bennett, for example, is also a flamer role, at which point there will be dual flamer roles on the team, the elemental response will be greater, and the entire team's attack will become much stronger.

The best lineup is not unique and depends on the specific goals of the player and the game mission they are facing. Choosing and trying different lineup combinations will allow us to find the most suitable combination faster.

DPS or support, which one do you need? If you need DPS, pull Hu Tao. For difficult-to-pass tasks like Spiral Abyss, Hu Tao may be one of the better options. Although for newcomers, Hu Tao is not a very good role to master, as long as they master the play, the difficulties will not be broken. Her best assist is also some of the better 4-star characters to have, and it may be easier for putting together a good team.

By the same token, if you need a secondary, then Yelan which has a banner at the same time as Hu Tao is much more suitable. Although Genshin Yelan is often positioned as a support, she can still be an excellent DPS if you have the very right team. provided that you have the right team!

In short, you require a DPS character, and Hu Tao is worth pulling!

Hu Tao banner Replay is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you need to take it!


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