Genshin Impact Yae Miko Figure: You Deserve To Have

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Figure: You Deserve To Have


Yae Miko is one of the very important characters in "Genshin Impact"

Yae Miko, a character in the game "Genshin Impact" and its spin-offs produced by MIHOYO, is the grand wizard in charge of overseeing the Grand Narukami Shrine, a continuation of Foxblood, and the owner of a light novel publisher. As a mysterious court minister with multiple identities, mortals may never know her true face and sincerity. Yae Miko is very similar to Yae Sakura with her long pink hair and purple eyes. Her hair is loosely tied into a low tail, with gold accessories on the back, and low pink fox ears with earrings that incorporate electronic vision. She wears a shrine maiden dress and sandals with a floral print. This priestess is a catalyst user, providing sustained damage when off the field and even more explosive damage when on the field.

Yae Miko is produced by well-known manufacturer Genshingo 

Genshingo is dedicated to bringing you the best Genshingo products inspired by some of your favorite games, focusing on clothing, characters, plush toys, accessories, home decor, and cosplay. We work with many factory designers to create a variety of aesthetic products similar to the in-game items of many great games, creating more fun and authentic experiences for game lovers.


Material, features, and price of the Yae Miko figure 

Now we restore the Yae Miko one-to-one and use food-grade PVC raw materials for production and processing to ensure that this PVC toy will not cause harm to the human body and has a long service life. The height of the Yae Miko figure is about 25cm, I believe you will like it when you see it.

You can go to the official website to buy, now this Yae Miko genshin figure is only $74.98. Yae Miko figure first latest model, 1/7 model; beautiful workmanship; affordable; suitable for collection or decoration; the figure has a beautiful outer box packaging and filled bubble bags for cushioning and decompression to prevent the shipping process damage. After receiving the shipment, a simple assembly of the figure is required. The entire body of the figure needs to be inserted into the pillar protruding from the base to stand up. There is also a separate thin stick-like thing fixed inside the plastic box, which is called an "imperial coin" or "streamer", which will be taken out and inserted in the middle of the right hand of the figure. In this way, a perfect Yae Miko figure is standing in front of you in real life.


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